Victory Gardening

This page is intended to deliver links to some of the best online resources for Victory Gardening, Backyard production gardening, Urban Farming and Inner City Homesteading.

My first introduction to the concept was in 2008, when i watch a video about a Pasadena family who was blazing a trail in their own backyard.  The Dervaes family had created an urban production garden in their small lot, and have since set the curve for practical self sufficiency and sustainable living in America.

If you can spare 15 minutes or so, please see this introductory short film titled, Homegrown Revolution.


Another revolutionary trend centered around agriculture and self sufficiency is the resurgance of Sustainable Farming Methods. In the video below, farmer Tom Willey of Madera, California touches on the concepts of poly-cropping, sustainable farming practices and other organic methods of agriculture.  In addition to running a 75 acre organic farm, Tom is also the leader of Slow Food Madera, and is the Slow Food regional contact for central California.


Here, Charlie Price gives a TEDx talk on Aquaponics, which is a closed loop system consisting of Aquaculture and Hydroponics. This is going to be a big part of the food farms of the future, and it’s up to the individual to help manifest it.

For more information, see these links below:

- My Earth Garden – Michael Nolan – Author, Urban Gardener

- Dervaes Institute – Urban Sustainability and Small Scale Agriculture.

- Chicken Tractors – Chicken Tractor Gallery compiled by Katy

- Tom Willey Farms – Madera, California

- Slow Food – The Alternative to Fast Food

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